Proof you don’t need a blank canvas to create a masterpiece.

Seventy-seven artists. Eight cities. One grand prize winner. Herradura would like to congratulate Micah & Whitney Stansell who with Look Inside have been awarded $100,000 in the 2013 Herradura Barrel Art competition.

While most would approach the barrel as an aesthetic object, these artists explored it as a utilitarian one, with a particular historical purpose. This led the two to leave the exterior completely unchanged, while the inside – the important part – became art. The interior was made into a zoetrope, paying homage to early cinema devices, objects once thought to be magical. In the same way alchemists believed the distilling of spirits was magic as well.

To see the work of all the finalists, click here.

We’d like to thank all the artists who committed their time and talent to making this program such a success.

Let’s raise a glass and toast to craft, inspiration and genius of everyone involved. Saludos!