Raul De Lara


Quetzalcoatl, 2013

I am very interested in the legend of the Agave plant, particularly fascinated by Quetzalcoatl and his passionate love for Mayahuel even after her tragic death. To me, the feelings of anger, deep sadness and restless love that Quetzalcoatl experienced after the departure of his loved one, are very powerful emotions that I definitely wanted to showcase through my work. To accomplish so, I decided to take the barrel and create a life-size representation of how I imagined Quetzalcoatl in this state of fury and sorrow. From an early start, I knew that I really wanted to experiment with the barrel and use every single piece of it in the sculpture. I started this piece by taking apart the barrel, studying the raw materials, then started the construction with Quetzalcoatl’s emotions in mind. After getting close to being done, I found myself really enjoying working and experimenting with the barrel while still respecting its physical attributes.


Born in August 18, 1991 in Culiacan, Sinaloa Mexico, Raul De Lara has spent his life’s work staying true to his roots. The son of an architect and graphic designer, creativity was destined to be in his veins and from a young age, it was apparent his future would be spent in creation.

Primarily focused on sculpting, De Lara utilizes his organic, hands-on work style to stay true to the materials of his medium. Blending traditional Mexican aesthetics with experimental methods, De Lara creates works that showcase the raw beauty of his tools.

Among De Lara’s achievements include his award-winning piece “La Silla De La Tortuga”, which combines a tortoise shell and wood materials to create a unique piece of furniture, being a guest artist at the University of Texas Co-Op West Austin Studio Tour, and receiving the Michael Aubrey Jones Endowed Scholarship in Art.

De Lara is currently working on his BFA in Design at The University of Texas at Austin. In his spare time, he engages with video animation, photography, computer aided design and working as a cake artist. A sponsored BMX rider and active thrill seeker, Raul is happiest when taking risks and testing the limits.